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Crop Care Consulting is an independent crop consulting company. We use computer software, GPS technology, soil and tissue testing and ongoing training to bring profitable agronomy to your fields.

Services at a glance

It’s not about offering a one-shot, quick fix solution. Instead, we provide a long-term plan of intensive soil and plant testing, regular field inspections and yearly plot work to better understand how to help your crop reach full potential. We aim to help you achieve a healthy, vigorous crop resulting in higher yields, quality and profitability.

Soil sampling
Tissue or petiole sampling
Regular field checks
Weed scouting
Insect scouting

Disease scouting
Fertility recommendations,
variable rate maps, liming
Pesticide recommendations
Record keeping

Crop planning
Seed cutting calibrations
Planter evaluations and setup
Other equipment recommendations
Irrigation management
VRI prescriptions

Site Specific Precision Sampling

We offer a complete field nutrient mapping system using site specific sampling and assist our growers in understanding the variations within a field.

We sample the field based on what the field tells us. We do not use a computer to generate the sampling pattern. The key to the whole system are the maps generated with sampling information. One or more maps will represent how the grower knows the field from his tractor seat. With this information growers can make better management decisions to enhance production or take action to correct problem areas.


We offer Site Specific Precision Soil Sampling in 5, 2 and 1 acre patterns. Our years of trials and research have shown on average a 10-20% increase in yields and 8% increase in quality on grains, a 10% increase in Canola. 10 years of Potato research has yielded an average of 37 cwt or $302 per acre return. Our maps allow us to manage variability with fertilizer, lime, irrigation and seed.

Want to get started or have questions?
Just call 204-476-0014.

We produce a complete nutrient map of your fields with organic matter, pH (above),  potassium, magnesium and calcium with cation exchange capacity, phosphorus, K/Mg ratio, E.C., nitrogen, sulfur and include indexes of the above nutritents.


Get a Deeper Understanding of Your Soil

Get to know the nutrients, organic matter, texture and other properties in your soil.

DATA COLLECTION. Vehicle outfitted with RTK gps and mapping 350+ points of data per acre.

RADIATION MEASURED. We Measure the naturally emitting radiation of your top 20-30 cm is measured and geographically logged.


TESTING. Soil sample locations are selected for calibration and samples are forwarded to a lab.


RESULTS AND SURVEY DATA. We generate a Property Model or map that can be used to generate variable rate fertilizer, seeding or irrigation maps and more.

We utilize SoilOptix® to provide farmers with
high resolution topsoil mapping.

Soil Optix® is a passive gamma radiation top soil measurement, meaning that nothing has to contact the ground to measure the information and field conditions. Moisture, power lines, or residue, do not have any affect on the data measurement.  We are measuring the soil’s natural radiating energy.  It measures the ‘pings’ per second and creates a count map, measuring 350+ data points per acre.


Map & Measure Nutrient Properties
eg. pH, Organic Matter, P, K, Ca, Mg, Na, NO3, EC

Map & Measure Soil Textures
eg, Clay %, Sand %

Build Complex Property Models
eg. Plant Available Water, Water Filtration Rate

Want to get started or have questions?
Just call 204-476-0014.

Our Programs

At Crop Care, we work on a varitety of crops and cropping systems. We also assist growers in all crops in setting up, monitoring, harvesting and evaluating field scale research plots to test out new ideas and products to keep moving our production forward.

Grain & Oilseed Crops

WHEAT, CANOLA, BARLEY etc. This program includes soil and tissue tests, a field scout about every 10 to 14 days or as required throughout the growing season.

NUTRIENT MANAGEMENT PROGRAM. Composite soil testing with tissue sampling and record keeping. Analysis is provided by lab.

COMPLETE CROP MANAGEMENT. This program includes the Nutrient Management Program plus 7 days to 2 week field scouts throughout the season. Fields are scouted from pre-planting until harvest looking at weeds, insects, diseases, nutrients, general crop and soil health and other crop production issues.

WEED & DISEASE MANAGEMENT. In crop weed, disease and insect scouting and recommendations provided.


NUTRIENT MANAGEMENT PROGRAM Includes a soil test, minimum of 4 petiole tests and record keeping. Analysis provided by lab. A handheld nitrate meter grants instant results for quick fertigation decisions.

COMPLETE POTATO MANAGEMENT. All of the above services plus planter and seed cutting checks and calibration. Weed, insect and disease scouting (full season) plus moisture monitoring. Fields will be scouted on a weekly or more frequent basis from pre-planting until harvest.

The use of the handheld nitrate meter allows for instant results to be forwarded to our growers for prompt decisions on fertigation. The variable rate maps from the soil and UAV also allow us to fine tune variable rate irrigation/fertigation programs.

Results are available via web or mobile apps to assist in on-farm record keeping. Track irrigation, spraying – or any other application or event that happens on the fields.

WEED & DISEASE MANAGEMENT. In crop weed, disease and insect scouting and recommendations provided.

A complete scout report is provided with each scout.
Lab Fees are extra.

Want a customized program to suit your current needs?
Just give us a call (204) 857-8580.


Our high resolution colour image, (up to 3 cm resolution) gives you the ability to count the plants in certain crops, add up weather impacted areas of fields and give you a perspective of what your crop looks like. The NIR camera allows us to create NDVI images that measures the health of the crop and allows us to create variable rate in season nitrogen maps or RX fungicide maps.

WE USE SENSFLY. An image of your field is taken and the data is returned to you in 24 hours. This is critical for time sensitive applications like variable rate fungicide.


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